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Jun 18 24

Celebrating 20 years of JIR Europe

M Lewis

July 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of Jackson ImmunoResearch Europe, founded by Sue Hallett. Read how serendipity brought Sue and Bill Stegeman, founder of JIR in the USA together, and how they forged a partnership that continues to uphold a passion for quality and supports our customers’ success today. 

Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories Inc. was founded in West Grove, PA, in 1983 by William J. Stegeman, Ph.D. Starting out as a small biotech manufacturing immunological products for the research community, the name soon became synonymous with high-quality, reliable reagents, becoming a global leader in secondary antibody manufacture and supply.

Part of that success was driven by the innovation and vision of Susan Hallett, who on June 10, 2004, in a joint venture between herself and the late Dr. Stegeman, began Jackson ImmunoResearch Europe. The objective was to directly serve the scientific community in Europe alongside a network of distributors, enabling European users fast and reliable access to quality products.

Read about how Sue was inspired to set up the European hub.

“I am often asked what prompted the incorporation of JIRE.  Bill [Stegeman] and I were together at the JIR booth at a trade show in Philadelphia sometime in 2001. Bill had been telling me that he was eager to simplify the process of shipping and supporting JIR products to scientists in Europe. Conversation led to Stratech Scientific, who had been distributing JIR products in the UK since 1984, providing this service to the wider European scientific community.

Fast-forward eighteen months, and Bill and I are both in New Orleans for AACR when, amazingly, we bumped into each other outside the Marriott hotel. We headed for the bar for a quick beer and a business catch-up, and I filled him in on Stratech’s business activities in Europe. I asked if he had ever considered a European hub to stock and supply JIR secondary antibodies across Europe.

A couple of hours later, we emerged from the bar with some basic ideas scribbled on a paper napkin, and the concept of JIRE was born. It took another eighteen months of discussions, planning, and several trips across the pond, but finally, on June 10, 2004, we hit the ground running with JIRE Ltd.

Our commitment to supplying the “Gold Standard” in immunological reagents combined with the best in customer service has remained unchanged for twenty years. I am and always will be proud to be part of this business and to promote and uphold the business strategy that Bill wanted for his customers worldwide.”

Sue Hallett, MD

JIR Europe continues to serve Europe and North African territories from our offices and warehouse in Ely, Cambridgeshire. We ship daily from our distribution hub, and our technical center offers customers access to the same expert technical assistance wherever they are based. Our customer service team can ensure that ordering and receiving their reagents is straightforward, whatever the volume.

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