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    • Travel Grant

      Jackson ImmunoResearch is offering the opportunity to apply for a €1000 travel grant to be put towards the costs of attending SfN Neuroscience in 2018!     Jackson ImmunoResearch is …Read More »
    • Solutions for Species on Species Experiments

      When using primary antibodies derived from the same species as the sample material (species on species)  non-specific background staining can occur. Mouse on mouse staining (M.O.M. staining) is a common …Read More »
    • Cross-adsorbed secondary antibodies and cross- reactivity.

      Immunoglobulins from different species share similar structures. Secondary antibodies raised against one species are likely to recognize epitopes on other species’ immunoglobulins through those shared structures. This cross-reactivity can cause …Read More »
    • A guide to selecting control, diluent and blocking reagents.

      Experimental protocols using immunotechniques can often be improved through the optimal use of blocking reagents, diluents, and controls. Read more to learn about how to select appropriate diluents and blocking steps to …Read More »
    • Distinguish cell types from primary cultures

      “When labeling for more than one target with antibodies from closely related species, you really need to be certain your secondary antibody is specific!” Read on to find out how …Read More »