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Jun 20 24

Meet the intern: Maddie Schepers

M Lewis

Schools out, and summer is just beginning! We’d like to introduce our returning summer intern, Maddie Schepers. Over the last eighteen months, Maddie has been a familiar face at Jackson ImmunoResearch, primarily supporting the marketing team. Find out what she has been up to over the last year.

“I am Maddie Schepers, and I am a rising junior at the University of Maryland Baltimore County where I am a financial economics major and play varsity soccer. I have supported several different business functions at Jackson, including finance and marketing. I have learned through this experience that I would possibly like to pursue marketing and have enjoyed compiling market research for future product launches. I’ve also assisted in creating content for the company blog and social media posts.  I’ve had the opportunity to attend and actively participate in meetings, where I’ve presented the results of my market research to the larger JIR team.

Two important concepts not taught in the classroom that I have learned at JIR are the value that social media offers a business and how important it is to understand what it is that a business is trying to sell.  Not fully understanding what I was promoting, or the proper scientific terminology was challenging for me in the beginning, but as my time here continued, it has become clearer, which has made promoting the JIR brand easier. I am going to continue my academic and athletic career at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and am excited to gain more experience in marketing and other business functions to learn what I want to pursue.”

Interested in interning at Jackson ImmunoResearch? Contact marketing@jacksonimmuno.com

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