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Mar 7 19

Anti-Alpaca Secondary Antibodies for Nanotechnology – Part 1

M Lewis

JIR Anti-Alpaca IgG Secondary Antibodies for Nanobody generation

Alpaca and Llama heavy chain only antibodies provide a framework for engineering recombinant antibodies. The monomeric variable domain (VHH) of heavy chain only camelid IgG2 and IgG3 provides a 12-15 kDa domain which is easy to clone and produce at high levels in recombinant systems, is stable to heat and pH extremes, and generally, has good solubility. These antibodies commonly called nanobodies can cross the blood-brain barrier and access other remote locations, combined with tight antigen binding facilitated by a long CDR3 loop. The unique benefits of VHH domain antibodies see them used in a variety of applications, as components of diagnostic kits for small molecule detection, as biosensors and in numerous therapeutic applications such as cancer treatment VHH antibodies are powerful tools for research, diagnostics and therapy.

To optimize the production of camelid-derived antibodies, JIR offers both Anti-Alpaca IgG2+3 and Anti-Alpaca IgG (H+L) for their detection and quantification during library generation.

Listen to JIR’s Chief Operations Officer, David Fancy, PhD introduce Anti-Camelid Secondary Antibodies.



Learn more about JIR Anti-Camelid Secondary Antibodies for nanobody development here




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