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Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Secondary Antibodies

"I have used a wide variety of secondaries and Jackson ImmunoResearch has consistently been the best. The fluorophores are bright and stable and their selective (x reactivity removed) secondaries have always shown species specificity in multiple labeling."

Janet Duerr, Ohio University

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Exhibit Schedule

Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories Exhibitions and Events

Jackson ImmunoResearch exhibits regularly at a variety of international conferences and university vendor shows. We welcome your visit and enjoy learning about your experiences with our products, areas of expertise, and any unmet secondary antibody needs you might have.

The following is a list of meetings we will attend throughout 2020. For more information on each society meeting, follow the links to the organizer's web pages.

2020 Exhibit Schedule

American Association for Cancer Research Logo

San Diego, CA


Regional Meeting / Workshop


Philadelphia, PA

June 18-20

International Society for Advancement of Cytometry

Internatioal Society for Advancement of Cytometry Logo

Philadelphia, PA

June 19-23

International Congress of Immunology


San Francisco, CA


International Society for Stem Cell Research


Boston, MA

June 24-27

Federation of European Neuroscience Societies

Federation of European Neuroscience Societies Logo

Glasgow, UK


American Association for Clinical Chemistry / Clinical Lab Expo

American Association for Clinical Chemistry Logo

Chicago, IL

July 26-30

National Institutes of Health

Life Science Exhibits Logo

Bethesda, MD

September 9

International Clinical Cytometry Society Logo

New Orleans, LA

September 25-29

Longwood Medical Center / Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Life Science Exhibits Logo

Boston, MA

September 30

Advanced Lateral Flow Course Logo

San Diego, CA

October 27-29

University of Pennsylvania

Life Science Exhibits Logo

Philadelphia, PA

October 14

National Society for Histotechnology Logo

Reno, NV

October 16-21

University of Michigan

Life Science Exhibits Logo

Ann Arbor, MI

October 22

Society for Neuroscience Logo

Washington, DC

October 24-28

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Research Foundation Logo

Cincinnati, OH

October - November TBD

Texas Medical Center

Life Science Exhibits Logo

Houston, TX

November 5

American Society for Cell Biology Logo

Philadelphia, PA

December 5-9