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Sep 15 23

Jackson ImmunoResearch’s Annual Summer Picnic

Madeline Schepers and Emma Robertson


On Friday, June 9th, Jackson ImmunoResearch celebrated their annual summer picnic which also happened to be the same day a long-time colleague was retiring. This year’s theme “Under the Sea,” was a fun and creative way to kick off the summer that left no one dry.

History of the Picnics

Jackson ImmunoResearch has been kicking off the start of summer with a picnic since the company’s beginning. The summer picnics started out as small intimate gatherings at colleagues’ houses where laughs were shared and volleyball was played. As the company has grown, the picnics have become what we know them to be now;  many full stomachs, lots of games, and more memories being made. The summer picnics, put together by the Lunch Committee, are catered with a buffet of food and include a variety of activities that tend to correlate with a theme in mind. Favorite past themes include western, luau, and casino night. Some core memories from past picnics include a pig roast, professional card dealers, and everyone’s favorite, a mechanical bull. Everyone at JIR looks forward to the summer picnic, as it has been a great way to build relationships and promote team bonding within the company. 

2023 Summer Picnic 

This year’s “Under the Sea” theme proved to be one of the most memorable yet.  Before all the fun began, Jackson ImmunoResearch celebrated a colleague’s retirement with delicious tropical food that included seafood pasta, salmon, pineapple flavored rice, and an assortment of other dishes and desserts brought in by employees. As a treat, Jackson surprised everyone with the Woodside Farm Creamery ice cream truck. When the sugar rush kicked in, the shenanigans began. It started off with a water balloon toss that eventually ended with a water balloon fight. In the midst of the fight, water blasters were brought out which led to people being soaked from every direction; No one was safe. Then came everyone’s favorite, the dunk tank, where employees got a chance to dunk their coworkers and friends. While waiting their turn for a chance at the dunk tank, people were able to enjoy the Slip ‘n slide down the hill. As a fun way to end the day, a raffle was had where people had the chance to win a variety of different prizes. Everyone left with a smile on their face and a Jackson ImmunoResearch branded cooler in hand. The picnic was a fun way to relax, bond, and kick off the summer. 

With each passing picnic, the Jackson ImmunoResearch team grows closer. If you want to be a part of the JIR family and join in on next year’s fun, take a look at our current openings at https://www.jacksonimmuno.com/company/careers

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