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Choosing the right affinity-purified secondary
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Technical information on Fluorophores, Biotin-SP
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Multiple labeling (ML) using labeled secondary

Double labeling two primary antibodies from the
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Silver Enhancement Protocol

Recipe for Anti-Fade Mounting Medium

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A fluorescent confocal photomicrograph of an astrocyte from a rabbit optic nerve labeled with monoclonal glial fibrillary acidic protein antibody and detected  with Cy3-conjugated anti-mouse IgG (H+L).

Photo contributed by Scott Rogers, Joseph Ghilardi, and Patrick Mantyh, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota.

The following information is intended to help those researchers who have experienced some
problems with the use of labeled secondary (or tertiary) antibodies.  Please submit questions to us by e-mail or talk to us about your problems and we will try to help solve them.  This section may be revised from time-to-time as we receive more input from researchers who use our products.  Click on the links below to learn more.

  1. What are the common causes of background from secondary antibodies alone?

  2. What are the possible causes of weak signals from labeled secondary antibodies assuming that antigens are present and primary antibodies are working?

  3. What precaution should be considered before choosing a mounting medium for Cy2?

  4. What are the recommended storage conditions for JIR's products?

  5. What are the suggested dilutions factors to be used for Jackson ImmunoResearch products?

  6. Why is DTAF-conjugated Streptavidin offered instead of FITC-conjugated Streptavidin?
New Products

          Alexa Fluor® 680 and Alexa Fluor® 790
for Far-red and Infrared Detection on Western blots

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