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Fluorescent Dyes

Brilliant Violet™
421 & 480

  • Combine with AF488, RR-X, & AF647 for 5-color imaging
  • Compatible with commonly used filter sets
  • Switch nuclear stain from DAPI to DRAQ5™ for additional labeling options

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What Do Scientists Say About Our Secondary Antibodies?

"We only use secondary antibodies from Jackson ImmunoResearch whenever possible! Customer service is also excellent and the price point for their products is very competitive."

Elizabeth Soberg, University of Washington

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18th Jan - BRPF-Univ California, Davis Med Center - Sacramento, CA

19th Jan - BRPF-Univ California, San Francisco, Mission Bay - San Francisco, CA

20th Jan - BRPF-Univ California, San Francisco, Parnassus - San Francisco, CA

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