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Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Secondary Antibodies

"I have used a wide variety of secondaries and Jackson ImmunoResearch has consistently been the best. The fluorophores are bright and stable and their selective (x reactivity removed) secondaries have always shown species specificity in multiple labeling."

Janet Duerr, Ohio University

Rating: 5.0

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Order By File Upload

Ordering by file upload

Save time placing orders using the File Upload Template. This tool is especially useful when ordering multiple products.

Step 1: Download the File Upload Template

Step 2: Simply fill in product code and corresponding quantity for each item and save.

The accepted file types are spreadsheet (.xlsx) and text (.csv). List the product codes you require in column A, and the quantity required in column B. A header row can be be included if desired but it is not necessary. Template .csv and .xlsx files can be downloaded above.

All Jackson ImmunoResearch product codes are in the format xxx-xxx-xxx.

Spreadsheet displaying template for ordering with product codes and item quantity

Make sure to delete the first row in the template.

Step 3: Upload file here

The file will be checked for errors and the products will be added to your cart. You can then review your cart prior to checkout. The Order Upload button is also located in the website header.

Step 4: Complete the Order

After the import has been completed, your Cart will be updated with the products and quantities in the file. Click My Cart in the website header to view a summary page where you can verify your order and make adjustments as needed. Then click checkout to submit your address and payment details. If you have a website account your stored details will be automatically input.

Questions? Contact customer service for help.