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Whole IgG Affinity-Purified Secondary Antibodies

"I have used a wide variety of secondaries and Jackson ImmunoResearch has consistently been the best. The fluorophores are bright and stable and their selective (x reactivity removed) secondaries have always shown species specificity in multiple labeling."

Janet Duerr, Ohio University

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Anti-His Tag Offer

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Enhance sensitivity and save on your assays with our His Tag detection combination

Our new Anti-His Tag antibody is a rabbit polyclonal and therefore ideally partnered with one of our conjugated Anti-Rabbit Secondaries.

All orders of 300-005-240 – AffiniPure Rabbit Anti-His Tag received up to and including 31st December 2021, will be eligible for 50% off the secondary antibody!

Use the table below to find the secondary antibody you want to pair with our Rabbit Anti-His Tag antibody and include promotion code TAG50 to qualify.

Indirect detection with Jackson ImmunoResearch’s Anti-His Tag antibody in combination with Anti-Rabbit conjugates enhances sensitivity

Signal enhancement can be achieved by indirect detection of the His Tag using an Anti-His Tag antibody followed by a conjugated Anti-Rabbit antibody such as an HRP Goat Anti-Rabbit secondary antibody. Figure 4 shows that sensitivity can be improved by using the indirect two-step method (B) in comparison to direct detection (A).

Comparison of direct and indirect Western blot detection of four recombinant His-Tagged proteins.
Figure 4. Comparison of direct and indirect Western blot detection of four recombinant His-Tagged proteins.

Lane 1: Protein 1 (C-term His Tag) – 50 ng
Lane 2: Protein 2 (C-term His Tag) – 50 ng
Lane 3: Protein 3 (N-term His Tag) – 50 ng
Lane 4: Protein 4 (C-term His Tag) – 50 ng

His-Tagged proteins were boiled and reduced in SDS-PAGE loading buffer containing 5% beta-mercaptoethanol (BME) and loaded at 50 ng/well as detailed above. Gels were electroblotted onto nitrocellulose and blots were probed. A) Direct: HRP Rabbit Anti-His Tag (300-035-240) at a dilution of 1:20K. B) Indirect: Rabbit Anti-His Tag (300-005-240) at a dilution of 1:5K followed by HRP AffiniPure Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) (min X Hu, Ms, Rat Sr Prot) (111-035-144) at a dilution of 1:20K. Blots were visualized with a digital imager.

PolyHistidine Tags (His Tags) are a popular addition to recombinant proteins to facilitate protein purification and detection. His Tags are commonly used in preference to other tags due to the availability of inexpensive purification resins such as NiNTA. Anti-His Tag antibodies enable the detection of the tagged proteins allowing screening of expression.

Terms & Conditions

  • To redeem, you must include the code TAG50 when placing your order.
  • Offer available August 1, 2021 through Dec 31, 2021 on orders placed directly with Jackson ImmunoResearch. One discount code per customer valid on a single transaction.
  • Product 300-005-240 must be purchased to qualify for discount.
  • Products beginning with 711-, 211-, and 111- are all products that qualify for 50%.

  • HIS-TAG® is a trademark of EMD Biosciences, Inc.