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Cat Retina

Cat Retina

The cat retina has a multitude of cell types possessing unique anatomical and biochemical markers. In order to elucidate the physiology of this tissue, it has been stained with probes for three different proteins: calretinin, calbindin, and neurofilament. The primary antibodies used were rabbit anti-calretinin and mouse anti-calbindin. They were localized with Cy3 conjugated donkey anti-rabbit IgG (catalog # 771-165-152) and Cy5 conjugated donkey anti-mouse IgG (catalog# 715-175-150). The neurofilament antibody was biotinylated so that it could be localized with Cy2 conjugated streptavidin (catalog #016-220-084).

A laser confocal microscope equipped with narrow band pass emission filters was used to collect images from each of the three probes. The resultant images were then pseudocolored (Cy 2=green, Cy3=red, and Cy 5=blue) and merged as a color montage. Unfortunately, some of the finer details of the section were not obvious after these operations. To further clarify the cell's finer processes, the image was processed with Lucis software (version 5.0) using a differential hysteresis algorithm that permits localized contrast enhancement. The image was taken by Katrina Carter using a Biorad 1024 MRC microscope.

Image was processed and submitted by Dr. Brian Matsumoto, Neuroscience Research Institute at UCSB.

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