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ChromPure Bovine IgG, Fc fragment

Host: Bovine
Product: IgG, Fc fragment
Conjugate: Unconjugated
Product Category: ChromPure™ Purified Proteins from Normal Serums
RRID: AB_2336943

Code: 001-000-008

2.0 mg

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Technical Info
ChromPure is our trade name for highly purified proteins from the serum of non-immunized animals.
Physical State: Sterile-filtered liquid

Storage: Store at 2-8°C under sterile conditions. Prepare working dilution on day of use.
Expiration date: one year from date of receipt. The expiration date may be extended if test results are acceptable for the intended use.

Purity: Based on immunoelectrophoresis at an antigen concentration of 20 mg/ml, the pattern of precipitation against rabbit anti-bovine whole serum is the same as that against rabbit anti-bovine IgG, Fc fragment specific. No precipitin line was detected against rabbit anti-bovine IgG, F(ab')2 fragment specific.
Preservative: None

This product is for IN VITRO RESEARCH USE ONLY. It is not a medical device and it is not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.